Friday, April 15, 2011

Rockin the Drop and other New Developments

Yeah, I rocked the drop. Luckily, I happened upon readergirlz's facebook page yesterday, on Teen Lit Day. Who knew? Turns out Rock the Drop is a yearly celebration in which you drop a book off in a random (teen-frequented) place with a note saying it's now theirs. Sound fun? It really is. I did this with my four-year-old last night with six books I had sitting on shelves gathering dust. Sam helped me by putting flowers in the covers.
Bench outside Barnes and Noble

Table outside Mensche's frozen yogurt

In front of the movie theatre doors
We also left Golden Compass in front of an elementary school sign and Evermore/Blue Moon along a frequented running path in our community, but those pictures wouldn't upload for some reason. It was kind of exciting, picturing, hoping a child or teen might pick these treasures up and grow a love of literature that maybe wasn't there before.

Traditionally, you can continue to do this through the weekend, and they even have a little postcard you can print out to include with it, explaining the anonymous donation. So if you haven't yet, you can still leave these literary easter eggs for teenage strangers. Just go here for more info.

In other news, you know how I mentioned my revisions? Transposing past into present tense in a 60,000-word document. Yeah. The flash drive I was doing them on got corrupted and I lost two nights of work. But don't worry! My crying is over and I've even caught up some of what I lost, even though it will never be exactly as it was. As I explained to my husband, it's like a painter's strokes. A word here, an entire string of dialogue there. You just can't replicate it from memory. But at least I've had the opportunity to think through some dicey fictional conversations twice now. Let's hope it improved with my latest tampering.

MYSTERY AGENT SUCCESS STORY!! Max Gladstone signed with Weronika Janczuk weeks ago, but today we've got an interview with Weronika's new client on Operation Awesome. Make sure to drop in and say hi and congrats to Max.

And if you're doing the A to Z blogfest, check out Lindsay's blog today because she's talking about one of my favorite things: M for Musical Muses.


  1. I saw something about "Rock the Drop" on FB yesterday, but never clicked on it. >:( Thanks for letting me know I have through the weekend, I have a stack to donate to the library, but I'll sneak a few out to surprise someone!

  2. That is an excellent way to share favorite books or unused books! Did you stick around to see if anyone picked up your books? I would be interested to see who would pick it up and take it home :D

  3. Love that way of sharing books with others.

    And OMG! I'm not online for two days and flash drive drama happens. You'll rock those revisions though. I know it! Hugs

  4. Awesome timing, Erica! Library donation plus rockin' the drop. I love it!

    Saba, it was really tempting to see who might pick up the books. We actually ducked into a nearby pizza place (Fresh Brother's Pizza=to die for), so I did check on them before we left the mall and the one in front of the theatre had been picked up. By a teenager? No idea. I sure hope so!

    Lindsay, it was a nightmare! But I wasn't online much either b/c it was a whole computer problem. I think we've got it sorted now and I've backed my work up to an external hard drive which is way more secure. So... *crosses fingers that she'll never have to go through that again* Thank you for the cyber hugs!


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