Friday, April 22, 2011

Day of Reckoning

I'm not actually talking about that Day of Reckoning, but today feels like a day of reckoning because last night I did nothing. That's right. Absolutely nothing... unless you count creating and bankrupting a city on Sim City 4. Which there's no actual proof I did because once our debt got totally out of hand, I was fired and the city ceased to exist. Or did it?

So today is the day I get to make up for all that wasted time. I will:

Proofread my husband's school paper,
Finally do the (actually really fun to do) critiques for my partners,
Finish revising the last 40 pages of my WIP from past to present tense (plus plot restructuring as I go),
Read the library books that are due back tomorrow (or give up and simply recheck them for another 2 weeks),
And possibly write a new review over at Afterglow Book Reviews.

What's on your must-do-today list? Come on. Make me feel better about mine. :)

oh, p.s. SOMEBODY won Princess for Hire and an ARC of The Royal Treatment (book 2). Was it you?


  1. That's a lot to get done in one day! My To Do list looks like crap compared to yours. I just wanted to finish my ENG 490 paper :)

  2. Good luck on your English paper! Those can be quite an endeavor, too!

    Update: I got the first two done and am rechecking the library books (thus postponing the review), and possibly going to stay up late (too late) to revise my own work.

    Le sigh. Why do we writers keep ourselves so busy? So much to read and record and just not enough free time to do it in.

  3. I have a very long list of things I COULD do today. But today is for curling up on the sofa and recovering from 3 days of intense conference-type training. I need a Veg-Day!


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