Thursday, April 14, 2011

Afterglow Book Reviews - For Book Lovers

You guys know I love to read. I've posted reviews here and on The Best Damn Creative Writing Blog, which I've enjoyed doing. But I haven't enjoyed criticizing other authors--published authors whose writing skills are way beyond my own. I felt like I needed to because that makes a well-rounded review. Eventually, I ended up pretending not to have read books I didn't like and only reviewing the ones I could gush about...

That led me to start Afterglow Book Reviews. It's a place where booklove is perfectly acceptable, and caveats aren't necessary to book reviews.

Remember the feeling you got when you closed the back cover on a book that spoke to you? How you set it aside on your end table or night stand and lay back feeling amazed, traumatized, bewildered, and somehow changed?

That's the afterglow.  

Afterglow Book Reviews highlight only our very favorite books, and reviews are posted in the midst of the afterglow. This makes us more like book addict enablers than reviewers, but we're okay with that.

Today, my dear friend Pu Aili reviewed Paranormalcy by Kiersten White after staying up all night to finish it! That's booklove. Check it out and join us if you're a book addict, too.

You can follow to read reviews of only the best books out there, or if you're really feeling the booklove and want to contribute to the lovefest, email me at katrina (dot) lantz (at) gmail (dot) com. All genres of fiction will be covered by someone. Our Afterglow Reviewers are a diverse bunch.

We're just getting started as of April 2011, and there will be more excitement to come with book and swag giveaways. Hope to see you there!

In other news, I'm mid-revision on a very complex YA urban fantasy, patching up plot holes and transposing the entire thing into first person present tense (was first person past). What are you up to, writers?


  1. Very cool idea. I just commented on the Paranomalcy post. I'll become a follower too!

  2. Great idea. I have to confess I've gotten bad about even finishing books I don't like, much less reviewing them. Fortunately in my newish blogging career haven't had too much required reading that I didn't love. Love the concept.

  3. I love afterglow booklove.

    Great concept, celebrating books for the emotions they evoke. :D


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