Picture Books and Poetry

Working on something truly adorable with my mom, who happens to be a very talented artist. 
Later, with her permission, I may post some of her sketches,
but for now this is a place holder for fun and delightful picture book things to come.

Please credit me if you decide to share my poems. Thank you! 

Two Doors
(written for my mom)

There is a door 
‘Tween heav’n and earth
That guards us all
From the veil of birth.

The journey fraught
With hope, with pain
So must be the choice:
To go or remain.

The spirit decides,
But it can't go alone.
A body’s prepared,
A sacrifice known.

Just one human being,
Her power to employ,
May unlock the door
And open to joy.
A mother in sorrow,
A mother in smiles,
A mother in pleasure,
A mother in trials.

Sweet bundles are they.
They fall from afar.
Angels, soon sinners,
But bound for the stars!

There is a door,
Stands tightly closed,
But for a Savior,
Who in His death throes,
Unlocked the shackles,
Unbound the gate,
Opened the lightway,
Overcame hate.

Two doors to freedom,
One water, one fire
Mother, your bosom
Savior, your pyre.

-Katrina Lenay Lantz
Mother's Day 2017

Individual Worth
By Katrina Lantz

I look around this room and see
The hope of years surrounding me
Children with their mischief smiles
Crayola portraits stacked in piles
Ages different, spirits wild
Unique is every single child

That doesn't change when they are grown
Each one will change the world alone
By every soul their hearts can touch
With love or hate; They matter much.

It won't be easy as they grow
To keep the purity they show
But just a few will keep that light
And lift the world from endless night

Each child has seeds of heroes brave
We can't know now whom they will save
But we know we can lift and share
To teach these children how to care

I look around and smile through tears
The love and hope of these young peers
Enwraps me in their innocence
My prayer is for their confidence,
That they might feel the power within
And conquer fear as they begin.

Long Awaited Change
By Katrina L. Lantz

I look back at Winter, draped in ice, 
Shuddering at the memory of a long, cold day
And an even longer night.
The snow and ice chill my soul again.

I reach for the beginning of Spring,
A smile of longing for her gentle breeze,
Knowing April showers aren't far now
Bringing fresh May flowers, blossoming fair

Green replaces black and white today
And Spring, my friends, is well on her way

Weigh Your Heart
By Katrina Lantz

A hardened heart

Cannot forgive

And nothing can get through

A heart of stone

Is hard to bear,

A heavy burden, too.

Though nothing hurts

A cold stone heart

Nothing heals it, either

And after time

Has sunk the stone

There waits an endless fire

A softened heart

Relaxes hate

And lets new love pour in

And gentle hearts

Tread light and fair

Where healing can begin.

By Katrina Lantz

The tokens of his sacrifice-

A blessing to partake

The sprinkled blood,

The slaughtered lamb,

He suffered for my sake.

And here I sit reflecting this,

The symbol of the saints-

A strait gate and narrow way

In exchange for grace.

The strict road waits

For me to walk

The Lamb looks on my heart

My joy is when I feel His grace

And then walk through my part.

By Katrina Lantz

He’s snuggling up now,
Cuddling, caressed
In that soft, green blanket
Warm, fabric nest
No naptime without it
No quick bedtime bliss
Until that sweet blanket
Is safe in his fist
Then slowly, miraculously
All muscles rest
His eyes drift and close
Blanket is best.

My Little Sleepyhead 
By Katrina Lantz

I held an angel in my grasp 
This morning as I rose 
He slept so peacefully, and deep 
I froze at his repose. 

I gently touched his silver face, 
His white hair brushed aside, 
And relished this small miracle 
Who slumbered at my side. 

Two years have seen him rise in size, 
Beyond my womb he's grown 
Once built so small he fit inside; 
Now separate, now his own. 

Each morning as he climbs in bed 
To feel so safe again 
My heart and arms make room to hold 
All thirty pounds of him. 

I think of how it isn't long 
Since he was only mine 
And now my little angel walks 
And runs and flies and climbs. 

But just for now, this moment 
As I'm lying still in bed 
I get to keep him, safe and sound 
My little sleepyhead. 

My America 
(a personal tribute to my country by Katrina Lantz)

Founded for freedom
Defended by blood
Torn and repaired, scorched
Then raised from the mud
Changed from her birth
Gone astray, and renewed
My dear, wandering country
Still shines on the dune
How long till she perish?
No country nor man
Can know his days' number
But this understand:
The best we can do
As one or as all
Is to fight for our faith
And cherish our call
Till every soul standing
Is offered the test
Of liberty precious
And unity blessed.