Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wow, a lot going on today... (linkage)

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Stuff is happening today!

So, the President of the United States offered his long form birth certificate to the public today. Seems like a weird time for a test of citizenship two and a half years after the winning election, but I guess the press gets what the press screams and shouts for if they do it long enough. 

In more exciting news, author Michelle McLean is diving into the picture book world! Michelle is a friend and an incredible writer, whether it's how-to, regency fiction (goosebumps just thinking about her romantic scenes), or short copy (like pitches and marketing). I'm very excited to see what she's done with the picture book format. And word is the book, A Magical World, will be released in the next few weeks under pen name Michelle Raynor! Look for it.

You may have heard the buzz about The Near Witch by Victoria Schwab, but today we have a review up on Afterglow Book Reviews written by our newest contributor, Jen Daiker! Stop by, read about this spooktacular novel, and give Jen a warm welcome. 

And last but definitely not least, Kiersten White is giving away an ARC of the sequel to her NY Times Bestselling debut novel, Paranormalcy!! The second book in the trilogy is called Supernaturally and the cover is just as epic as the first. Can't wait to find out what happens to Evie, Reth, Lend, and Raquel in the this second installment!! p.s. Did you know the movie version now has both a producer and director attached?

Twitter has a new tweeter: Following @AfterglowBooks will give you a heads up when we're reading and/or posting reviews of amazing books. And if you'd like to follow the men and women writing the reviews, that list is here

That about covers what I've been wow-ing about all day.
What has you excited today?
(Links welcome [except dirty links. No dirty links, please.])  :)

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