About Katrina

Everybody looks better holding a baby

Katrina Lantz is alive in spite of an airplane crash over Texas when she was two. She conquered her fear of flying on a commercial flight to D.C. when she was sixteen. She conquered everyone else's fears of sky diving at the SkyDive Ranch in Canada when she was nineteen. She has yet to conquer her fear of airports.  

She grew up in sunny Arizona, saw snow fall for the first time when she was eighteen, and discovered the land of endless winter from Narnia actually exists. It's just called Michigan now. She's back in the West, living in sunny southern Utah with her husband and five sons. She's been writing seriously for about eight years. Prior to that, she made a living as a lifeguard, a candy counter cashier, a wilderness therapy guide, a live-in nanny, and a quotes processor. Now she lives and breathes literature and loves it. 

She's been an editorial assistant and copy editor, freelancing for Month9Books, which, if you didn't already know, is a publisher of awesome MG/YA paranormal, speculative fiction, and fantasy.