Monday, April 25, 2011

My Urban Fantasy... nearly fulfilled

This has something to do with my story. Shiny Pretty. Pic from here
Thanks to a quick review of this quote from literary agent Jennifer Laughran, I'm officially characterizing my book as YA Urban Fantasy with sci-fi elements (but that second part only if you ask).

Initially I thought it would be paranormal romance, but the paranormal elements just became more and more fantastic and complex until the fantasy world separate from Earth became kind of an important part of the story. Integral, really. So now that it's about two worlds, it's firmly in the fantasy category, but there are still plenty of high-school based scenes on Earth, which would probably technically make it suburban fantasy, if there were such a thing. Whatever.

The point is I've categorized it! Yay!

And the other good news is that my 60,000-word finish line expanded as I hoped to 65,000 words once I added the details that were sorely missing. Still a few more lines of revisions to be done, but it's close. It's really close. I'm starting to feel like {warning: cliche coming} the end is in sight.

And just in time for the LDS Storymaker's Conference in SLC!! My first writing conference- Yay again! I've signed up for a pitch session with an editor, so any and all advice on live pitching is very welcome. It's a ten-minute session.

And it's a week and a half away!

What genre are you writing right now? 
And do you have any live pitching advice for me?


  1. I'm working on a YA contemp novel.

    As for pitching, I haven't done it yet at a conference. I'm going to the national RWA one in June but I think I'll skip on the pitching opportunity. However, I'm also going the the YARWA evening session and we've been told there might be an opportunity for bar pitching. I think I'd rather shoot back shooters with agents and editors instead. :D

  2. Yay! Great work, Katrina. Have fun at the conference!

  3. Stina, have fun at RWA! I bet a writers conference specifically for romance writers will be a blast!!

    Thanks, Kelly! I know I will. One of these days the Op Awesome ladies should all attend the same conference, maybe a SCBWI or something big.

    I'm hoping live pitching will make me better at talking about my books b/c right now I suck at it. I ramble and make the story sound way more boring than it actually is. I plan to write out my pitch and memorize it. And then just answer/ask questions.


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