Thursday, November 4, 2010

Thank You (and a 100 followers contest)

UPDATE: Winners posted HERE.

Update: Contest closed. Wonderful entries! I'm excited and a little nervous to pick a winner. Just remember this reflects only my personal tastes and these all sound really cool! Winner will be posted Friday. Thanks, everybody who joined me!

Thanks to everyone who helped me with my logline this week! You guys are made of awesome!

And WOOHOO for waking up to find 101 followers on my blog today!! It's a nice feeling to know that my voice is being heard, and to have the chance to read so many of your blogs, as well.

In celebration, I'm having a NaNoWriMo Logline Contest--got to keep that one-line goodness going! For my amazing blog buddies only (in other words, you must be a follower), put your NaNoWriMo novel loglines in the comments and I'll pick one that makes me desperately want to read the book, and offer a full beta read/critique to be delivered in December when the Nano novels are all (hopefully) finished.

After all, once the words are down, you're going to want a second opinion. I can help you kickstart the revision phase of NaNoWriMo.

Also, the amazingly talented Kristal Shaff is running a contest of her own where you can win A BLOG BANNER designed by her for free! She did my beautiful orange banner (I see you all eyeing it admiringly!) AND the Operation Awesome blog banner and buttons, so it's totally worth commenting and following her wonderful writing blog to win.

And Miranda Kenneally just sold her DEBUT NOVEL, called SCORE! It's about the daughter of an NFL superstar who wants nothing less than to play college football. (There's also a love triangle: yummy.)
Go congratulate her and her incredible agent, Sara Megibow!

For my contest:

-slap down your one-sentence logline in the comments
-include your genre and title
(make sure you're following this blog so you'll know when I announce the winner)

Just tell me what your Nano novel is about in one sentence. Can't wait to read them!


  1. Title: Across Two Universes
    Genre: Science Fiction

    Logline: When Paul uses his quantum talents to check on his childhood sweetheart at a research base on an alternate Earth, he discovers aliens got there first. Paul must find out what really happened and whom to trust before humanity gets caught up in an interspecies war.

  2. Woot!!! Congrats, Katrina!! Here's to a thousand more followers!!

    Oh, and to those entering this contest: Katrina is my crit partner and she is MADE OF AWESOME. So yeah, you best believe she'll be an amazing beta reader :D

  3. line description of my NaNo story? I'll have to make it really good and come back to this I think.

  4. *blushes* Thanks, Amparo (who happened to get a best-beta-reader-ever award from me like a month after we first met, speaking of awesome).

    Sandra, you make me nervous because if they're all that good, I will have one tough decision.

    Noelle, can't wait to read your pitch! I heart your blog.

  5. Ooh, congrats on 100 followers!!! I'm not doing NaNo, otherwise I'd love to enter - fantastic prize :)


  6. Congratulations on 100 followers, Katrina! You totally deserve it. I love reading your blog posts, and you're one of the kindest bloggers I know. :)

    Title: Futureless
    YA: YA Science Fiction

    Logline: When Cyna ignores the death warrant and crosses the border back into United America to rescue her sister, she doesn't expect to be transported back in time, where the first person she slams into is the 17-year-old boy who will become United America's ruthlessly brilliant General, her parents' murderer -- and the man she killed two weeks ago.

    (I've stuffed so much info into that one sentence that I suspect it's terribly run-on...)

  7. Okay, I'll follow your blog too :) Here's my current logline:

    What would you do if you found a skeleton that would rewrite history and aren't allowed to publicize it? Darren must answer that question after people connected to his find start dying.

    Title: Wings of Fate
    Genre: Speculative Fiction

  8. Welcome, Eric! Could you sum it up in one sentence? I know, I need to specify that up top. But got to keep it fair: one sentence only. Because I'm a sadistic meaniehead. Buwahahaha!

  9. I'm sorry; I automatically wrote a two-sentence logline because that's what I did for the critique session over at Miss Snark's First Victim. Also, I used the wrong title. May I try again?

    Title: Catalyst in the Crucible
    Genre: Science Fiction

    Logline: When Paul discovers with his quantum talent that aliens attacked the research base on an alternate Earth where his girlfriend was stationed, he must find out what really happened and whom to trust before humanity gets caught up in an interspecies war.

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  11. Fantastic idea! Here's mine!

    Title: Sound of the Underground
    Genre: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

    Arthur Irwin stalks his victims in the dark depths of London's Underground network, seeking revenge on the ghosts of his past--will Detective Inspector Charlie Frost stop him before he claims his next victim?

  12. Title: Champion of Valor
    Genre: Fantasy Romance

    The final war between Speica and Arnhem draws to an end as allies are gained, lines are crossed, people die, and a mage and selkie struggle to make their love work as Lucifer attempts to bring about the Apocalypse before its time.

  13. Title: The Minotaur Staff
    Genre: Supernatural Adventure

    When treasure hunter Wesley uses the Oracle's Eye to transport an Atlantean gladiator to the modern day, the sword against his neck convinces him to help send her home, but the artifact is incomplete without the Minotaur Staff, and the organization with the staff will do anything to get the Eye.

  14. Okay, see? I totally forgot to come back to this. My memory sucks lately. But thanks for reading my blog and I ♥ yours, too. :D


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