Sunday, November 7, 2010

Oh, if I were a rich man, doobeedobeedobeedobeedobeedobeedobeedo

Fire Opal: my "earth name" at the wilderness therapy program I used to work for.

My awesome CP, Kristal, is waxing poetic on her blog with the "If I were" blog party. Since I happened to read her blog, I consider myself invited to that party. And since you're reading this, consider yourself invited, too! Aren't blog parties so warm and inclusive? *happy sigh* I like them, too.

So here's the deal. Answer the question with the first thing that pops into your head, not the most brilliant thing that results from hours of careful contemplation. First thing. Promise? Okay, here are mine:

- If I were a season, I’d be Summer.

- If I were a month, I’d be July.

- If I were a day of the week, I’d be Sunday.

- If I were a time of day, I’d be 5:30am.

- If I were a planet, I’d be Venus.

- If I were a direction, I’d be West.

- If I were a tree, I’d be a Fig Tree.

- If I were a flower, I’d be a gerbera daisy.

- If I were a fruit, I’d be a banana.

- If I were a land animal, I’d be a puppy.

- If I were a sea animal, I’d be a killer whale.

- If I were a bird, I’d be an kildeer.

- If I were a piece of furniture, I’d be a hand-carved dresser.

- If I were a liquid, I’d be lava.

- If I were a stone, I’d be a fire opal.

- If I were a tool, I’d be a hammer.

- If I were a kind of weather, I’d be a hurricane (hee hee, oh, it's still not funny?).

- If I were a musical instrument, I’d be a flute.

- If I were a colour, I’d be yellow.

- If I were a facial expression, I’d be a wink.

- If I were an emotion, I’d be fear.

- If I were a sound, I’d be a dripping faucet.

- If I were an element, I’d be fire.

- If I were a car, I’d be an '85 Chevy Caprice Classic.

- If I were a food, I’d be caviar.

- If I were a place, I’d be Disney Land.

- If I were a flavor, I’d be lemon.

- If I were a scent, I’d be jasmine and lavender.

- If I were an object, I’d be a train.

- If I were a body part, I’d be a nose.

- If I were a song, I’d be "Ain't No Mountain High Enough" 

- If I were a pair of shoes, I’d be stilettos.

- If I were transportation, I’d be a giant goose.

- If I were a fairy tale, I’d be The Night Before Christmas.

- If I were a holiday, I’d be the Fourth of July.

- If I were a novel, I'd be Anne of Green Gables. 

- If I were a movie, I'd be Iron Man. 

Okay, some of those answers were crazy. First thing that came to my mind, mind you. Now let me know if you've done it so I can check out your corner of the blog party. 

Have fun and Happy Sabbath! 

p.s. Don't forget to enter my 100 followers contest for a chance to have your whole Nano novel beta read by yours truly. :)

p.p.s. Michelle wrote about Occupational Hazards on the OA blog today, so if you're a writer, you'll want to commiserate with her over there.


  1. If I were a musical instrument, I'd totally be a flute, too. Or a piccolo. :D

    This is such an awesome meme. :)

  2. hee hee, I thought the hurricane one was funny. :)

  3. I laughed so hard at - oh, it's still not funny. What a fun way to start a long day!


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