Monday, November 1, 2010

November's Mystery Agent Contest Full!

What an exciting day! There was an awesome logline blogfest at Steena's blog! And Operation Awesome had its second Mystery Agent contest, which is what occupied most of my day with fun and fiction! I'm just amazed by the creativity you people can pack into one sentence! If you missed it...

Check out the entries here.

We'll give our Mystery Agent some time to choose (seems an impossible task to me!) and then post the results along with a fun little interview with our M.A.

Meanwhile, if you want to daydream of being plucked from the pitch pile (one of my favorite pastimes), check out Nancy's story. This time it could be you! We really hope it is!


  1. I saw your comment on fellow critter Christina Mercer's blog about whether our group has a blog--you about gave me a heart attack! I have enough to do keeping up with my blog and the cat sanctuary blog, plus 3 other websites. Plus all the reading from the crit group.

    But I love how you all have teamed up and keep the creative energy going. Maybe someday down the line, in our spare time (ha!)

  2. Wow, Angelica! I had no idea you were THAT busy! Well, you are an awesome crit group, anyway. I only contribute to three blogs, and find it at times overwhelming. It is fun, though, and keeps me from becoming a writing hermit (which is what I was before OA).

    Sorry for your near heart attack! I'll have to be more careful about my blog comments. ;)


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