Monday, March 4, 2013

Awesome Bookish Uses for Pinterest: New Leaf Literary and Month9Books

Querying? Your literary agent research just got easier (and more visual-learner-friendly)!

Check out this awesome use of Pinterest by literary agency New Leaf Literary:
See more of New Leaf Literary on Pinterest

Each literary agent has her own board, each book has its own board. Brilliant, no? I think so!

Tech-savvy literary agencies aren't the only bookish entities using Pinterest awesomely, either! Check out Month9Books, an MG/YA publisher of all things speculative fiction:

See more of Month9Books on Pinterest

Upcoming titles are all represented here, as well as contest entries/winners as part of a book promotion, and other bookish stuff which speaks to the personality and character of Month9Books as a whole.

Do you use Pinterest to express yourself professionally? Until now I've been using it mostly for time-wasting, cute birthday party ideas, and setting research. But now I'm starting to see the potential for more.

Add it to the social media toolbox!

And follow me on Pinterest. I follow back writers and bookish peeps. :)

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  1. The potential for Pinterest is amazing! I went and added a button to my blog a while back for that very reason... not only does it help people link up to stuff, but it also gives them ideas of what inspired you for what you wrote! :D LOVE IT! (and, FOLLOWING YOU!) :)

    1. Fabulous! Yes, I checked out your inspiration board for Pity and got even more insight than from the book cover. Awesome use of Pinterest, Jessica!


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