Friday, March 8, 2013

World Book Day: Donate a Book

Yesterday was World Book Day, according to my favorite curriculum provider, Sonlight. They posted an article citing research which suggests a home library during the teen years may influence children to finish college later on.

Beneath the article, many commenters praised the idea by telling their own stories of having a home library, or a library card and a fabulous local librarian. Books, they said, were their portals into another realm, their windows to the world beyond their front doors.

A few suggested charities who provide all children with books, to begin a home library of their own. That's where I found these guys:

A small donation can give four new books to readers who may not otherwise have books of their own. When I remember some of the first books I owned, The Girl With the Silver Eyes by Willo Davis Roberts and See You Later by Christopher Pike, I get all warm and gushy inside. 

What were the first books you owned?

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  1. The first books I remember that weren't library books were the set of Encyclopedias and Childcraft books we had. And yes, I read them all!

    1. Wonderful, Angelica! I have a set of Childcraft books from a thrift store that are fabulous. My oldest is six and just starting to see the magic of reading. It's a crucial time for showing him how cool reading can be, so I'm doing my best giving him super fun things to read. But do you think he'd like Encyclopedias? I'm afraid he has "look it up on the computer" disease already.


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