Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Query Season is in Full Swing!

It's Query Season!

I'd say so, at least. Eric over at PimpMyNovel is talking about rejection again, and according to query tracker, this is a busy time of year. More people are querying. More people are getting positive responses, as in partial and full requests.

You have only to follow a few literary agents on twitter to see jewels from their slush piles and cryptic, excited messages about the ones they want to represent rather than simply mock. (Though the mocking is hilarious, too.)

So if you've got a project that's ready--really ready--get out there in the open and try to be the biggest target you can be for those agents...but in a good way.

  • Or follow agent Colleen Lindsay on twitter to take part in today's controversial discussion on author advances, and whether or not they should be eradicated. 
(And yes, I do have queries on the brain. I'm so pathetic, I dreamed of getting a follow-up letter from the agent with my full manuscript, just to let me know she hadn't gotten to it yet. As if agents have time for stuff like that! Silly brain!)


  1. Query season sounds about right. Don't lose hope, though. You only need one agent, so no stressing out already, okay?

    Best wishes!

  2. Great post, Katrina! I hadn't realized it was query season (oh, that makes me imagine all these poor queries stalking along, totally oblivious to the rifles in the trees above...).

  3. You rock, Amparo! I'm def not losing hope. I outlined my future plan to Tall Bright and Handsome yesterday. If this round of queries and requests comes up empty, I will:
    1) go back to beta reading stage
    2) run through another two drafts of revision
    3) work on my query letter for a month
    4) research a whole new list of agents (sadly, because I've almost exhausted my favorites list)

    But I noticed on there are more than a hundred agents out there, so there's bound to be somebody perfect for Drats! Foiled Again!, maybe somebody I haven't even heard of. *shrugs* There's always hope.

  4. Kat, it makes me feel better to imagine that we're the ones being hunted and not the other way around. :-) The queries want to be caught! No worries. lol. You're so sweet.

    Wow about your recent cruise, girl! Those pictures are breathtaking!

  5. My query is getting close to being ready! Sounds like I better hurry and of course make sure I got it right. :)

  6. Oh no, Janet. Never hurry! See Natalie's post linked above (smell the roses).

    My post is meant to note the influx of queries. I'm sure this influx says more about the habits of writers than it does about the preferences of agents.

    Take your time to write the best book and best query letter possible. I rushed my query out, and now wonder if that's where I'm lacking.

    Congratulations on your 150 followers, btw!

  7. Thank you so much for all the links, Katrina! There do seem to be "seasons" when agents and editors talk about queries more than others. But in all times, a good query and an excellent manuscript stand out, regardless. Good luck with your querying!


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