Monday, June 21, 2010

Presenting Sandy Shin with The Social Butterfly Award

My amazing blogger friend, Amparo Ortiz, passed this award along to me. I'm going to pass it along in turn to the five bloggers whose posts I have up RIGHT NOW. Yep, they're that compelling that I clicked on them as soon as I saw them. I hope you find something/someone new you like in the mix.

For One Lovely Blog, I award:

Kristin Miller (I find myself back at this blog just about every day!) Blog (seriously useful info on the biz)
Kiersten White (not a comedian, but she may as well be!)
Jill Corcoran (a literary agent who reps MG and YA authors, very useful info on slush and queries)
Jennifer Laughran (not only does she have a last name that makes me think of childhood laughter and running, but she is also a very personable literary agent who keeps it real and answers questions)

And....drumroll for this next part...

Sandy Shin deserves her own special award for being just about the sweetest and most prolific commenter I've seen on the blogosophere:

Sandy, don't worry about keeping up with everybody on the web. I think you do an amazing job, and I hope you enjoy cutting back a little bit, per your last post. You deserve a rest. Those wings of yours must be exhausted!


  1. Oh, you are so, so sweet and wonderful! Thank you so, so much for the award. I'm speechless... Really beyond ecstatic and honored! <3 <3

    And congratulation on your own award! :)

  2. Thank you. Your post just really got me thinking about how much we take our commenters for granted. You deserved some special recognition.

  3. Katrina I'm visiting over from Sandy Shins blog and after seeing what you did I am already a fan and consider me a follower! Sandy is the sweetest girl and I can completely relate to being overwhelmed trying to reach everyone on the blogosphere, she is awesome and definitely deserves her own special award!

    Congratulations on your awards as well!

  4. Jen- I appreciate that! Your blog looks helpful. I loved your recent post about brainstorming what your character would do. I'm totally going to use that technique next time I'm tempted to pants the plot. I love finding new people who also write about writing! Welcome, welcome!


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