Friday, June 18, 2010

Fancy Friday- Wherein I try to be Shakespeare

*Note: This feature may be retitled "Freaky Friday" in the event that I can't come up with something brilliant. You decide.

So I thought I'd try my hand at a verse novel, but I've never written one before (also, I need book recommendations so I can read the modern-day take of this old concept [hint, hint, commenters]).

The truth is, I've always preferred metered, rhymed poetry to the other sort, so when I started trying to write SHUFFLE (based on a pretty heart-wrenching story), it came out like this:

Part I:

I never thought I’d want to see her once
The void of death had filled her empty case,
But when I heard the news of her demise,
Nothing ached like my heart for her face.

Not family, they said at the white doors
As if there lived a tighter bond than ours
What age had granted them in wisdom, truth,
It stole from them in love and desperate youth.

So here I wait in this abysmal seat
Forbidden past the point of no return
Where she was lost forever from my sight
And lost without a knowing heart to yearn.

Sterile, cold, infested with decay—
The last place she would want to fade
At seventeen our choices aren’t our own
We’re lost, they say, as if we stand alone.

I knew when I first saw her, she was mine
And I am hers, the summer to her snow,
Or so she said last August as the sun
Slipped into nightly shadows I well know.

The truth is that there burned no brighter light
Than Lilac with her sweet terrestrial scent
And golden hair, that swept about her face.
She was my reason, faith, my argument.

To be continued next Friday...
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  1. Novels in verse: Yellow Star by Jennifer Roy; Ellen Hopkins.

  2. Vicki- Thank you! Adding them to my amazon list right now.


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