Monday, June 6, 2011

Happy Days

Not the show, just the idea.
Picture from this site, which also explains some of the fun surrounding the farm
Today has been just such a happy day. Thanks to a bunch of great church people, my boys and I got to go to Underwood Family Farms this morning, and it was a blast.

They rode the ponies.
We learned that horses poop while they walk.

They gave me photo ops on the wooden train.

And, not pictured, they slid down from a humongous combine harvester with a revolving reel (thank you, tractor board book) into a cushion of sand multiple times. My little 1 1/2-year-old diving head first down that long slide was just an inspiring sight. He's fearless.

The turkey and peacocks yelled at us and we yelled back.

We spotted a goat climbing across the Underwood Family Farms sign way up high, which was also quite a sight.

We hung out in the chicken coop (roosters scare me, but my boys are totally cool with them).

We left the farm store with fresh strawberries, kettle corn, and (my favorite) honey sticks. Got home in perfect time for long, restful naps.

And then....

You know those times when one of your heroes does something to prove even more how awesome they are?

I found this:

Kiersten White singing her own original song about Math People and English People and how they should never date.

So it's been a great day for me. I hope you all are enjoying this day, rain or shine, as well.

Name one happy thing that's happened today and spread the cheer.

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