Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Books I want to hug

This is my just-for-me read right now. My book candy, if you will. I'm just beginning the read, but so far it's been a wild and startling ride. Can't wait to find out more about this mysterious person in the woods. I sort of recently friended Leah Cypess on facebook, and am finding out what a delightful person she is-- the kind of person who spends so much time in the library, the librarians let her check out her books without a card. This makes me even more excited to finish Mistwood. People who read a lot make the best writers!

This is my pre-nap read with my four-year-old. He may be a little young for middle grade, but the rhythm of my reading helps him calm down after a boisterous morning and exposes him to a much wider range of vocabulary than I use daily. ("Wash your hands and stop sitting on your brother!") For vocabulary, this is a great one because it's got this old world feel with allowances counted in cents and children correcting each other's grammar in ways they wouldn't dream now. ("Hide out in? What kind of English is that?" -sister to brother) The story is kind of sad so far from a parental perspective and I missed the chance to read it as a child, but I'm sure children would love the idea of running away with such finesse! 

I'm staring at this lovely book right now. It just arrived in paperback from and I can't wait to read it. Anne is something of an inspiration to me for working her butt off through the traditional publishing route and sticking with her novel when it didn't quite fit the lists of publishers.

The blurb sounds so compelling and I've sampled Anne's wonderful writing (she's written a guest post for us at The Best Damn Creative Writing Blog you can read HERE).

THE CLEARING has received great reviews on goodreads.

So you can see I've got my reading palate covered for a while. Now spill! What's on the top of your TBR (to-be-read) pile?

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