Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Perks of Fellowship for Novelists

Who Could Say No to Perks Like These?

I'm having a great 2011 so far. It all started in 2010, really. Someone wrote to me on the forum wondering if I'd be interested in forming a critique group with her.

Best. decision. ever.

Coming out of the writer closet and joining the online writing community (and this is true of any writing community, really) started a snowball of epic sugary goodness. Here are some of the perks I've enjoyed:

  • Having my work read by people who GET IT!
  • Getting feedback that makes my writing stronger.
  • Feeling less insane because everybody else is going through similar struggles (and blogging about them).
  • Getting to read riveting stories BEFORE they're published!
  • Being involved in making said riveting stories even better.
  • Reading and writing a review for a friend's book (better than a backstage pass).
  • Moral support during the query process (and when I get there, the submission process).
  • Interviewing literary rock stars and generally getting to know some amazing writer people.
  • Living vicariously through the successes of others.
  • Being asked to contribute to a couple incredible writing blogs.
  • Cyber-meeting literary agents and seeing how truly nice/savvy they are.
  • Helping to match agents to writers through super fun contests!
  • Brainstorming sessions with writers who love the same kind of books I do. 
  • Getting a kick in the pants when I slack on my wordage or editing--motivation to keep going.
Is it any wonder I'm always extolling the virtues of a writing group? And hey, you don't even have to sell your soul. 


  1. Those are some awesome perks, all right. =)

  2. Every serious writer needs to have a critique group. This is a fantastic list of reasons why.

  3. Oh yes, they are awesome perks :D

  4. Those are awesome pros.

    I love my critique group. I wish I had joined them sooner.

  5. The online writing community is incredible - generous, knowledgable, kind and so enthusiastic!

  6. Cool perks!!! Will have to get a group going in my area!

  7. Yes, I love how inclusive the writing community is online. Saba, good luck with your group! is a great place to start online if you're not already there.


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