Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Moon and Me

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Everything in our known world is subject to phases, most notably the moon. We plan our lives around it, the month to month motion of the great silver goddess. My life is no different. The last phase was Writer Fest--an almost manic, certainly absorbing portion of the last year in which I've been able to accomplish a lot, meet some amazing people, and edge closer to my writing goals. But now, with life-altering events happening in far-away lands, my life is shifting again into another phase.

This doesn't mean I'll stop writing.

Just like the Writer Fest phase, when I still maintained my home, my family, and--by a thread--my health, this new Family Strong phase won't kill my writing. The moon never really disappears. The visible part shifts and my visible priorities must also shift.

This is not really an announcement; simply a musing, a reflection. Operation Awesome continues to spread the awesome with contests, connections, book love, and writing tips. The Best Damn Creative Writing Blog continues to provide up-to-the-minute writerly news. And I'll continue to contribute to these worthy endeavors any way I can. But my heart is more fully invested in my kids today. My mind is preoccupied by matters of mortality, survival, and safety. I don't know when this phase will end, or even if these phases have a bolded line between them.

Today I'm seeing my goals the way I see the moon--as a constant whole, highlighting a half-circle here, a quarter-circle there, sometimes forgetting to highlight anything at all. But always in motion, always part of a larger dance.

How have the recent disasters affected your priorities?


  1. I think when disasters happen it always makes us reorganise our priorities, which I think is a good thing. It's important to hold the ones we love close.


  2. Hugs back, Lindsay! Good friends make the hard times survivable. Thank you for being one of the best!


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