Thursday, September 9, 2010

My Latest Favorite Book Debuts at #7 on NYT Best Seller List!

Can you guess what book I'm talking about?

Okay, go ahead and read ahead, then.

It's pink and black.

It's in my side bar.

I've been blahging about it for months, even before I actually read it.

I read it last week and fell in love.

I've got a pending interview with the awesome author.

On September 24th, I'll be breaking down characterization based on this book.

I'm recommending it to everyone I know, male, female, adult, or teen.

It has a special place on my bookshelf.

I have a huge platonic author-crush on the writer.

You guessed it (or maybe you cheated and checked out the links) :-)


Congratulations to Kiersten White on making the New York Times Best Sellers List in her first week of publication!! This book has already been optioned as a film (and it's looking like it's really going to happen) and the second book in the trilogy has been written (it's called Supernaturally). This series is sure to inspire excitement for a long time to come!

Are you feeling it?

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