Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Proof I'm Excited About Paranormalcy: A Contest Entry

Per the ARC contest on Kiersten White's adorable blog, I'm creating something to show my excitement about her upcoming debut novel: PARANORMALCY. (contest ends July 24th)

First of all, take a moment to click on the cover to your left. GORGEOUS, isn't it? Okay, now go ahead and read this bleeping awesome little pink poem that goes with the music video:


Evie's in the city and it's time to rock.
She's wearin' pink, tasing vampires on-the-clock,
But when she's done reading spooks their para-rights,
She's off to chill and watch some Easton Heights.

It isn't normal at all what she can do,
But it's a trick we humans wish we knew
'Cuz when the ghosts and ghouls come out to play,
They think we're food--oh bleep--as E would say.

Will she choose Lend, or go back to her faerie?
Is Lish's fish-scaly a little scary?
Please don't tell (if you have read the book),
I want to give her world a fresh-eyed look.

HOOK: Peep if you're paranormal. Peep! Peep!

(Oh, and I made this t-shirt before I saw the contest:)

If you think I'm a silly fangirl (sometimes true), be sure to check out the reviews on goodreads.


  1. VERY CUTE!!!!
    So I assume you entered the contest!!!
    When do you find out if you won????

  2. Thanks, Karen. Yes, I'm officially entered, according to the author's twitter comment which verified it. :-)

    I don't know when she'll decide the winners, but the contest ends in two days! Should be fun to see what the winners came up with, anyhow. **


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