Monday, August 9, 2010

Web Launch: The Best Damn Creative Writing Blog

It's finally up!!

The Best Damn Creative Writing Blog has moved to its own server, to make room for all the traffic they'll be getting under the new format. It's interactive! That's right. You can register a username and participate in discussions on every topic under the literary sun.
The Best Damn Creative Writing Blog is an informative, fast-casual news site featuring industry news, essays, interviews, and book commentary. At the BDCWB, we are committed to empowering writers in all stages of their craft. We are relevant. We are accessible. We are interesting. And we are here to preserve the printed word.
These people are professionals with...ahem...impeccable taste.

I have to say that because they're running one of my articles. Check it out:

Lists: Even Pantsers Use Them

and remember when they gave me an award for Best #Dearpublisher tweet?

But even before I got involved, it was clear this unique web site for writers is a class act. Just look at their Who We Are page! It pretty much sums up the innovative spirit and booklove bent that goes into everything they do.

So if you're getting excited to read and participate, I recommend you first stop by the Headlines page! So much literary goodness in one place!

And while you're at it, follow them on twitter for literary news and commentary of the day: @BDCWB  

See you there!

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