Friday, July 16, 2010

I Won an Award!! (from BDCWB)

You may not have heard of this award, but you are about to....

 (My blog post on #dearpublisher is HERE.)

I'd like to thank The Best Damn Creative Writing Blog for gracing me with their mention.

Thank you. *curtsies* The now semi-famous tweet is HERE.

@BDCWB (twitter) is a blog after my own heart. From their "Who We Are" page:
We LOVE (!!!!!!….yes, seriously LOVE) writers and everything that they do.
To be honest, we are just a bunch of college nerds/English majors who have nothing better to do than obsess over writer celebrities. While we won’t spend too much time talking about John Grisham, we will spend an exorbant amount of time highlighting up-and-coming/literary writers who publish in magazines and small presses. We also love poets and creative nonfiction writers because they deserve some recognition too.
Their mission includes acting as a one-stop resource for writers who have no time to scour the webs for relevant industry news/buzz. They bring it all together in a delightfully absurd web site, complete with pictures of random dogs. In their own words:
We started The Best Damn Creative Writing Blog…Period because, quite simply, we feel like writer news, writer issues and writer resources are too spread out over the internet. There are thousands of scam websites, sites that are done for promotion and sites that are just too messy to wade through to ever be truly effective. Looking for a legit contest to enter? Done. Wanna know what your favorite writers and poets are up to? We’ve got you covered. Looking for well written articles about issues like self-publishing, what to read this month and how to improve your writing in general? You’ve come to the right place.
Oh, and...
He is not a random dog. His name is Rokki and he is our editor-in-chief’s Boston Terrier. He is also our mascot. 
In honor of this award, I shall write you all a little poem (if you liked "books have babies", you'll love this):

Rokki the dog
Is rockin the lenses
Chillin on his moo-bag
In the present tenses
Is he lookin at me?
Or is he lookin at you?
Cuz he's a terrier, yo
And he looks serious, too.

Okay, so apparently Boston Terriers wearing sunglasses inspire rap-ish poetry. Take note, dear readers. If you want rap, send me pictures of dogs in summertime eye wear.

Busy weekend ahead (meeting agent Natalie Fischer at the Ventura Book Festival tomorrow, grocery shopping, toddler birthday party, and squeezin some writing time in), so until next time, I shall bid you all adieu.

Adieu. To yu and yu and yu.

Okay, goodnight. *trips on her way out*


  1. You are too cute, Katrina! I love the rap! And you totally deserve the award! :) That was a perfect tweet! Congratulations!

  2. Thanks, Em! I love your superhero name! I can just picture you laser-reading through a gajillion books at once, rendering your monster TBR pile powerless to intimidate. Bahahaha!

    Thanks for stopping by. I love following book-recommending blogs like yours, and can't wait to see more of your recs.


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