Monday, May 9, 2011

Random Conference Road Trip Thoughts...

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Sorry for the silence. I've been on a trip without my laptop (major DOH because it was a writing conference!) so I've been out of the loop for a few days. But never fear, my Blogiversary giveaway is still going on for another week. Three winners will win either Break, Hex Hall, or The Liar Society. Skip on over there to enter with a comment.

Now for your entertainment/rumination, here are the random thoughts that beleaguer a writer when she's on the road for 22 hours in one long weekend:

  • Writing a novel is exactly like a road trip. It's easy to watch other writers fly past or rumble slowly along and wonder if there's something wrong with your own pace. It's also all too easy to see someone else's car and wish you could trade. And last part of this simile: road trips and novels both involve a long, obstacle-ridden journey. If you don't set small goals for yourself (get through this valley, or drive an hour before stopping again), you'll likely find the sheer mileage impossible. It's good to be driven, but it's even better to enjoy the ride. 
  • If you are driving and a queen size mattress falls off your truck, don't leave it in the fast lane. Seriously. I almost died.
  • If you are a truck driver, please take note: the truck Do-Si-Do--wherein two trucks going approximately the same speed take up both lanes in order to switch places--is seriously annoying to everyone else on the road. 
  • Driving through SLC made me realize how much I miss Utah as I passed billboards for Bridal Shows, Scrapbooking Fairs, the Tulip Festival, and Gun Shows. Somewhere in there is a joke about the ease of arranging a shotgun wedding. Somewhere...
  • In northern Utah, you must drive 15 mph over the speed limit or be left behind. In southern Utah, be prepared to drive 5 mph below (see truck Do-Si-Do above).
  • Just when you decide it's a good time for cruise control, somebody going slower than you will pull out in front of you. This is a law of physics, er something. 
  • And note to myself (because I am as guilty as anybody of psychologically justifiable yet ridiculously irrational driving habits): It's not a 'fast lane,' it's the 'passing lane.' Stop living in it. Also, it's not a race, even if their car is shinier than yours. I really hope I listen to myself this time.
  • And when you almost run out of gas 45 minutes from home, prayer works. :)

For the next week or so, I'll be posting notes and epiphanies from the LDStorymakers writing conference I just attended (and trust me, there were a LOT of notes and epiphanies!)- so get excited! (You can follow everyone's thoughts with twitter hash tag #Storymaker11.)

Another point of excitement, Amparo has listed the winners of Invincible Summer swag (signed swag!) over at Operation Awesome, so if you entered, be sure to stop by to check those names.

Afterglow's Jen Daiker posted her lovefest review of Sophie Jordan's VANISH, book 2 in the FIRELIGHT series. Stay tuned for details on a giveaway of Jen's Vanish ARC!! Afterglow is the blog to follow for that.

And I just received Lindsey Leavitt's interview answers, so check out Operation Awesome this Friday the 13th for a hilarious and moving glimpse at this Disney author's mind. Lindsey Leavitt is the author of Princess for Hire, The Royal Treatment, and Sean Griswold's Head.

SO much fun stuff going on. Happy Monday, everybody! And please, please, please enter my Blogiversary giveaway! I want to share these books with you!


  1. I love your roadtrip thoughts-- especially the idea that a shotgun wedding would be so easy to arrange in Northern Utah! :)

    The conference really was amazing! It's too bad I didn't get to meet all the people whose blogs I follow-- like you!

  2. I know! I looked for you, too! I kept seeing someone's name badge, Sharee, and doing a double take before remembering there are L's in your name. Maybe next year! I really want to go again.

  3. I love road trips! Seems like you had a fun time ;)

  4. Jessica, it was so much fun (aside from the driving)!! And I love road trips, too, but my ideal road trip involves multiple drivers in shifts. :)

  5. Love your road trip metaphor! I'm a sucker for a good metaphor :) Meeting you was one of the highlights of the conference. I think your right God is in random meetings.

  6. It was great to meet you at the conference. Fabulous blog!

  7. I have no idea how you can manage being involved in so many cool things!

  8. Aww! Angela, likewise! And I believe that now more than ever.

    Jamie, thanks so much! I can honestly say I've never met a man who writes "sensual" faerie books before. :) Glad to have found you!

    Matt, it's so easy. *sarcastic eye roll* Actually, I just let other people do the work and bask in the coolness of it all. ;)


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