Sunday, January 20, 2013

Jessica Bell's THE BOOK is a book!

Jessica Bell's THE BOOK is now available!


This book is not The Book. The Book is in this book. And The Book in this book is both the goodie and the baddie. 
Bonnie is five. She wants to bury The Book because it is a demon that should go to hell. Penny, Bonnie’s mother, does bury The Book, but every day she digs it up and writes in it. John, Bonnie’s father, doesn’t live with them anymore. But he still likes to write in it from time to time. Ted, Bonnie’s stepfather, would like to write in The Book, but Penny won’t allow it. 
To Bonnie, The Book is sadness. To Penny, The Book is liberation. To John, The Book is forgiveness. To Ted, The Book is envy. 
But The Book in this book isn’t what it seems at all.

I am looking forward to this read. It's pretty much guaranteed to be heartbreaking. I read and loved STRING BRIDGE by the same author. You can read my review of that here. Jessica Bell is a poet, a musician, and a novelist. Her work is always moving and emotional. Since I haven't yet read this one and can't talk about it specifically, I'll leave you with an amazon review:

I couldn't stop reading it! 
"The book has demons and has to go to the devil." 
Bonnie is determined to bury the book. Penny ensures her young daughter that it's a token of love and affection and that one day she will understand. However, Bonnie is convinced it does nothing but inflict pain on the people she loves. She wonders how grownups can be so stupid and not see what she sees. Then again, she know she's just a child and does not understand most things about life. Grownups "smile when they're sad and they cry when they're happy. It's silly." 
The road to Hell is paved with the best of intentions. A book that was created out of love develops into a representation of agony. Her parents write in it. Bonnie tells you how it interferes with her everyday life. 
Jessica Bell has poetically scripted a love story so genuine and so pure, it could only be told in the innocent perspective of a five-year-old girl. She elegantly builds up an anticipating climax so horrific and yet, so authentic, it'll captivate you. I guarantee after reading THE BOOK, the story will linger in your mind long after you've finished.

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  1. Katrina, thank you thank you thank you so much for posting about this! :-) <3

    1. You're very welcome. I'm honored you visited my blog! :) And it sounds like you've written another beautiful book! I'm looking forward to the read.


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