Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Writers Write

Writers write, bloggers blog, and some say blogging doesn't count as writing. I hope they're wrong because, not counting blogging, I haven't done any new writing in weeks.

I'm reading THE PLOT THICKENS and critiquing for some fabulous people (CPs, cousins, contest winners, auction winners), and eyeing my teetering TBR pile with a mixture of excitement and despair.

I'm also teaching my son addition, subtraction, phonics, handwriting, reading comprehension, art, music, science, and social studies.

And lately I've been cleaning my house, which has to be done during these dry creative periods (because when I'm feeling inspired, I can't be bothered to dust or vacuum).

But all those things up there don't make me a writer. Only writing does. So, referencing my own post on bite-sized goals, I plan to cheat on my overwhelming to-do list and write 1k words tonight anyway. Even though I should be doing other things. I just can't stand not being a real writer. Not really writing.

Do you get into slumps like this that aren't really slumps? Times when something else trumps writing just because it has to be done? 

After all, it is September. I know half y'all are dealing with school beginnings either as teachers or students.

May we all find the time to express the stories fighting to burst free from our innermost fancies!

*rides off into the sunset*

(I never know how to end these things.)


  1. Yes, I deal with this too. It can be so overwhelming at times. I have been overloaded with school work and other such things, but I have tried to squeeze in time to start outlining my next book. It is so much fun. I love being a writer! Especially when I have time to write!

  2. You ride off into the sunset so gracefully :) I think blogging counts as writing because you are actually writing. Summer killed my writing, with kids home all day and me editing all night, I got very little original writing done. I'm not a very balanced writer.

  3. I love your ending :)

    And you know I go through slumps like this. And like I said, I don't think that a couple of weeks of putting other things in the priority spot take away the title of 'writer' that you hold. If you're thinking about your stories, and taking things from other stories, you're improving your own skills.

    And good for you for writing a little tonight! :)

  4. Any time there is a big schedule change it is always so tough to adjust! Good luck fitting it all in!

  5. Oh, of course. I think this happens to everyone! It often happens to me when I'm discouraged about my writing. Is this the case for you?

  6. Abby, good for you! Outlining is one of those writerly things I procrastinate b/c it feels too much like work. :) I'm a pseudo-reformed pantser.

    Angie, I'm with you. Not very balanced. But we're in good company as far as that goes!

    Tiff, thank you. :) It's fun reading for other people, but can also feel like a weight when there are multiple people depending on you for feedback. Kind of like what I imagine it's like being an editor, except not getting paid.

    Jessica, thanks for the good luck wishes! I'll take those to the bank, b/c I'm going to need all the luck I can get.

    Anne, yes!! I'm at one of those transition periods. I have two recent novels in need of revision, and I don't want to start something new until I make myself edit them. So frustrating to think about all those words. I know I just need to break them down into bite-sized pieces, but until I do, it'll just be this (to quote Joe vs. Volcano) brain cloud.

  7. I totally just rambled about time management over on my blog, and I thought of you! I am in awe of people who can balance writing and a family. I know you'll get back to it soon. Sometimes you just need to concentrate on other things for a while, and inspiration will return when you least expect it. :D

  8. On my way over, Becky! I think you're right and it's just a temporary phase of life.

    And rambling should always remind you of me. ;)

  9. Aww, well, YOU don't ramble. Your posts are always well-structured. ;)

    I don't think I commented on your bite-sized goal post, by the way, but I thought it was really great. I've been trying to put that advice to good use lately!


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