Friday, September 9, 2011

What I *should* be doing today...

I'm over at Operation Awesome today talking about Read for Relief, a writer-driven auction/relief effort for hurricane victims.

For the sake of accountability, here's what I'm (supposed to be) working on right now:

1) Editing my Paranormal romance from third person limited to first person... limited. I guess that last part goes without saying.

2) Coming up with a really great ending. (Yes, I'm actually editing BEFORE the ending is concrete, but I kind of know how it's going to end. Kind of.)

3) Teaching my four-year-old to write his full name, address, and phone number for emergency purposes.

4) Ignoring the Shiny New Ideas that keep harassing me! They have the worst timing in the world!

What I am doing:

1) Blogging

2) Laughing at Kiersten White's blog.

3) Letting my kids watch Eloise on Netflix watch instantly

4) Eating pancakes with real maple syrup. Mmmmm....

Now for a laugh:

Yahoo! news quoted NY Times Bestselling Author Kiersten White in one of their articles... only they seemed to have no idea she's a bestselling author. Read the full story here and here.

Update: Yahoo! edited the article in question to focus on whose fault the blackout was, so it no longer includes the charming tweet quote by "San Diego resident Kiersten White" about not having A/C and not missing it. *sigh* It's probably for the best.


  1. I just read a quote yesterday by Norton Juster (author of The Phantom Tollbooth.

    "The secret, at least in my life, is that if you want to do something, you have to do something else to get away from that and that's the thing that turns out to be worthwhile -- whatever you're doing to escape from doing what you're supposed to be doing."

  2. Angie, I love that quote! And good luck with everything, Katrina :) We all get a little off course sometimes, and we wouldn't be sane if we didn't ;p

  3. Hi, Katrina,

    Man can I RELATE! I have to finish my final edit on my novel, but instead vacationed for two weeks and now I am playing catch up with my blogger friends.

    I can't believe I didn't do one single page of editing while out of town. This was an actual vacation... I can't believe I didn't work for two weeks.... it felt great! I actually enjoyed my time absorbing a new country and culture.


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