Monday, August 29, 2011

Foray into Revision Forest

WriteOnCon did two major things for me: 

1) taught me a lot about good writing (amazing articles over there if you have some time)
2) helped me see yet more flaws in my own writing

So ever since, I've been tampering with my WIP's beginning and avoiding the revisions I know must now be done. Today I'll make the foray back into Revision Forest with my Leatherman multi-purpose pocket knife of words: aka, the writerly blogosphere. Yeah, you guys are my best tool to use in Revision Forest. I plan to use posts like Amparo's (about plotting!) and Martha's (about believable romance!) to infuse my WIP with more awesomeness than it can handle.

If you're doing revisions, join me in some revision prep by starting with Amparo's post and heading over to WriteOnCon's linky schedule for any gems you may have missed during the conference.

Warning: Foraying into this forest might make you feel a little lost, but maps are included.

Happy Monday, everybody! What are your writing plans today?
(I'm transposing my third person limited into first person.)


  1. Haha, we posted about similar things today! It's a good week for revisions indeed.

    My goal for tonight is to put as big a dent into my MS reread as possible. This go-around is just sort of to remind myself where everything is. Next time around, I'm going to mark up the MS with notes on where the new material will go and what scenes I want to tweak/restructure/rewrite/etc. It's definitely going to be interesting!

    Good luck to you as well! Let me know how the POV switch goes!

  2. Wah, revisions. So challenging, but so worth it! :) I'm working on rewriting my novel at the moment, a mix of drafting and revising.

    My writing plans for today are a ton of drafting, some article writing and maybe some blogging. :)

  3. Conferences are so good to help show you where you can improve. :) Good luck with the revisions! I'm doing some of my own, and they're tough but needed.

  4. I learned so much from WriteOnCon too! It's wonderful to learn it but not fun to have to do all the work. I guess what really matters though is having something we are proud of in the end so I guess the work is worth it!

  5. My goodness this was so helpful that I'm going to stop telling you how helpful and pull out my WIP.

  6. All right! Good luck with your goals, guys! And thanks for the encouragement with mine. I'm feeling more optimistic about the WIP, which as you know is kind of important when you're stuck in revisions. And that's all thanks to your pep talks in the comments!


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