Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Why You Need a Stellar Query

Lindsay's post on Operation Awesome today is all about the publication process, with a few funny videos to illustrate her points about querying--how we think it ought to work and how it makes us feel when it doesn't quite work that way.

She says:
We set aside time in our day, our lives, to spend time with the people in our imaginations. We nurture them, love them and then want to set them free to make their own way in the world of agents and publishers. 

One day we hope readers fall in love with them like we have. Maybe our words will even inspire them to write as well. 

So to help get our words out there we have the awesome query chat with Elana Johnson tomorrow. So join us at 9pm EST on the 28th of October.
I'm very excited about this chat and you should be, too. Take a second to visit Elana's blog and you'll see why. Her fun/real/quirky way of writing makes complicated/scary things like query writing and query sending feel a lot less scary and complicated.

The author of FROM THE QUERY TO THE CALL, Elana's spent more time than the average writer analyzing what works and what doesn't in query letters. Her amazingly beautiful book, POSSESSION, is coming out next year from Simon & Schuster. She's been through this process herself and understands how difficult it can be to condense your 300-page novel into a one-page sales pitch that will get those first few pages read.

As someone who is currently querying a finished novel, I'm especially interested in picking Elana's brain (but not in the zombie way--eww). Honestly, most of my rejections have come before agents even read a partial sample of my book, and I'm guessing that's the way it is for most writers (judging by how many rejections agents estimate they send out weekly). Ultimately, you are responsible for selling your book, from querying agents to telling your neighbors where they can get a copy, and everything in between. An agent can help a lot, but the query is where you start.

Elana Johnson will help you with that. Tomorrow. 9pm EST.

Be there or eat squares (that's how that saying goes, right?)

If you'd like a reminder, sign up for that nifty little service here.


  1. Good luck with your querying! Such a scary thing. But having a great query would definitely help. You guys are awesome for lining up Elana!

  2. Thanks, Janet! We think Elana is pretty awesome for agreeing to it. :)

    Thank goodness for nanowrimo b/c it's getting me to dive into the next book after five months of querying and false-starting on my WIP. Querying and writing are hard to do at the same time.


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