Monday, October 4, 2010

White Twilight Covers!

Have you heard about our Twilight fan fic contest over at Operation Awesome?

The prize is:

*cheesy drumroll*

(Pictures from

Check out the contest parameters on the blog. Or just skip over to read the other fan fiction offerings. 

Contest is going on all October long! 


  1. I have so heard about it and I AM SO THERE!

  2. :D I haven't read TWILIGHT and thus can't write fanfics for it, but the new covers are awesome.

  3. Yay, Jen! Looking forward to your fan fiction. I've never written fan fiction, but I've read some quality fan fiction that just blew my socks off! It's an amazing way to learn how to write, or to practice writing (as long as nobody tries to publish it- lol).

    Sandy, never read TWILIGHT?! Never heard of such a thing! ;) Mock fan fic also qualifies.


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