Wednesday, October 6, 2010

My Anti-Drug: The Sims3

A wonderful thing happened to me shortly after I met my husband.

Someone in his family introduced me to the computer/video game, The Sims. My record is eight hours of straight Sims play--yep, straight through the night. The next day was Sunday, so I slept all day. I do not try to beat that record, ever. In fact, it's been five years since I did that. But I do turn to Sims whenever I've had a really stressful writing (or not writing) week. You know, those times when you think you'll never get to your destination, and you're just spinning your wheels. :)

Sims works for me because in the Sims world, you can meet goals in no time flat. Especially the latest version. Wanna get married? Just find a Sim in the small pool of neighborhood Sims who likes women, isn't afraid of commitment, and isn't an evil genius. Bam! Instant engagement. Wanna write a book? Hehe. This is my favorite one. Just sit your Sim down at a laptop for several hours and out pops a piece of pulp fiction with a delightfully generic title. Sure, it stresses them out, but it's so fulfilling to input your own unpublished title without the stigma of self-publishing. ;) Not fulfilling at all, btw. My tongue has taken up residence in my cheek here.

But even though it's not long-term fulfillment, meeting little virtual goals sometimes helps me stay sane in a world where the expectation of instant gratification is often disappointed. Email is instant. The thought that goes behind the email, though... that takes time. Therein lies the reason for the snail pace of the publishing industry. And really, I wouldn't have it any other way. I want my work to be given careful consideration. As a reader, I want publishers and agents to put a lot of thought into what they bring into the public eye. I want quality books to read. And when my own writing is high enough quality, I believe my books will be presented to the public as well. It will take much longer than a few hours sitting at a laptop.

But in the end, it will be much more fulfilling, too.

What's your anti-drug?


  1. My daughter plays Sims all the time. She loves it because she can create buildings and things. I guess my anti-drug would be reading and blogfests at the moment, oh and reality TV. Jeesh, I need to get a life. Great post! :D

  2. When I need distraction from the never ending 'process', I turn towards: blogging, reading, and watching obscene amounts of online television.

  3. Brenda, that's so cool. I'm not great with the buildings, but I've read there are architecture enthusiasts who love it, too.

    Yay for blogfests!

    Cory, it is addictive! Sims and sugar will be my undoing.

    CQG, TV shows are my other anti-drug. ;) Whittling down the TBR pile doesn't count, though, because it's research and makes me want to write more! LOL.

  4. I really need to try Sims. EVERYONE tells me to try it but truth be told I'm worried I will become addicted! hahah

    Whenever I'm stressing out I like to read, listen to music or watch something insane on TV (VH1 always works for that)


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