Monday, October 4, 2010

Awesome Live Chat Tuesday at 5pm EST: Magic Limitations

Operation Awesome
(banner by Kristal Shaff) If you have ideas for the OA owl's name, plz post in the comments! We're putting it up for popular vote.

Today is all about Operation Awesome news and updates.

TOMORROW is the first scheduled awesome live chat!

5:00-6:00pm Eastern Standard Time, Tuesday, October 5th.
Bring cookies to share.

We'll be talking about magical limitations in writing, or in other words, how to write believable magic without plot holes like, "Why didn't he just use his wand to make Voldemort appear, and then destroy him?"

Why not? Because you can't just make somebody else appear using your wand. And even if you could, Harry wouldn't know it because he was eleven when he found out he was a wizard.

That kind of awesome stuff. :)

Come join us and win some super magical door prizes, like these:


Don't forget! It's sure to be enlightening. Enter the chat room here.
(*whispers password* it's "awesome")

Update: In honor of our upcoming chat about magical limitations in writing, I wrote an article at the Best Damn Creative Writing Blog, which is simply the best damn creative writing blog. Hee hee. If you haven't hung out there yet, I'm giving you a reason to visit. I hope you'll stick around for a bit and check out the other new contributors. You can also follow the action on twitter.

And now, without further ado,


  1. I feel so guilty I haven't been writing my daily word count for OA (because I just started a new project last week, and am still plotting) -- but I'll try to make it to the chat!

  2. Yes, we'd love to chat with you! Who knows? Maybe all the magic talk will get you past the plotting stage and catapult you into writing the book! I'm a little slow on the writing front myself, but hope to renew my 1k a day commitment tomorrow.

    Inspiration is key. :)

  3. Am I supposed to put the owl name idea in the comments here? (I'm confused. It could be my lack of coffee.) If so, I say Avery. Avery the owl. :)

    Also, hope you all have a great time today at the live chat. Looks like I'm going to miss the entire thing, being on western time and all. *insert sad face here* I'll be at work, then picking up kids from school. (Am I the only westerner around here? Sometimes it feels like it.) Will there be a way to read everything later this evening?

    Have fun!


  4. Jessica, yeah--we'll add Avery to our list. We're going to put up a poll soon to let Operation Awesome readers pick the owl's name. He's our little mascot, so we hope you pick a good one. I like Avery. :)

    The live chat was awesome, but we missed you. We'll be in there on and off for write-a-thons, so peek in as you like. We love to chat about writing and cupcakes.

    And we do plan to post transcripts of the chat, so you can see the randomness that was tonight's chat! Next time, Jessica! Hope we'll get to see you in the chat.


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