Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Most Influential Writers Ever

This is a lemming. What does a leader look like?

Guess what's happening at The Best Damn Creative Writing Blog..Period next week?
Oh you don't know? 
Fine, I'll tell you. ;-)

News from Tom Dhorman, the managing editor:
Cortnee Howard, the editor in chief, is hard at work compiling the internet's first official "twitter list" of the Top 100 most influential writers on Twitter. There will also be several "sublists" broken down by category (including things like YA fiction, poetry, romance etc). 
I'm very excited about this project, which is slated to launch on Monday. 

Spread the word and follow @BDCWB  and @Artlifefreedom on twitter to send suggestions. 

Who do you think is the most influential writer on twitter?

I'm gonna go ahead and say @kierstenwhite! I also love @staceykade and @gailcarriger. If you don't know, these are the authors of PARANORMALCY, THE GHOST AND THE GOTH, and SOULLESS, respectively.

And just for fun, tell me who you think WOULD be a twitter author celebrity if the internet had existed during their time. C.S. Lewis, for me.


  1. I heart me some Maggie Stiefvater and Cassandra Clare tweets. Maggie is hilarious yet reflective, and Cassandra constantly addresses publishing/writing advice that I find enlightening.

    I agree--CS Lewis would rock at twitter. I'd cyber stalk the bejeezus out of him :)

  2. JK Rowling has an empty twitter account, but if she actually uses it, I really think she'd be awfully influential! I love her talks, and would've totally stalked her tweets.

  3. Kiersten is great to follow...she's one of those people that are so likeable and her book was amazing. I also love Cassandra Clare, as Amparo said, she gives the best advice!

  4. Those are great tweeples, Amparo! I think I need to start following Cassandra Clare.

    Sandy, thank you so much for coming by! 100% agree about JK Rowling. I too was disappointed when I saw that she never tweets. But if she did, she'd be RT-ed and quoted up the wazoo.

    Renae, it's a good think Kiersten is so likable, because if not I'd have to be super jealous. Oh, who am I kidding. I'm still jealous, but at least I'm also charmed, amazed, entertained, and blown away.

    Cheers to great authors!


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