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Book Boyfriends: How much do you heart Gilbert Blythe?

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Book boyrfiend (from this website)

Do you LOVE your book boys?

Is it a healthy love or a dark/twisted/obsessive/unrealistic love?

And what makes them so delicious?

Here are a few of mine:

Gilbert Blythe: sweet and ornery at the same time, but with a spunky pride and intelligence I can't help but admire. Competitive, but not once intimidated by his true love's genius.

Fitzwilliam Darcy: surprisingly shy for a rich guy, and every time he gets up the gumption to speak to the woman who gives him the butterflies, he sticks his foot in his mouth. But he'd travel a million miles in a night to right a wrong and protect innocent people.

Edward Cullen (my first impression of him, minus the literary backlash): an old soul before he became an old soul, eager to battle on the side of truth and justice, always protecting who and what he loves. Rises to a challenge, even where romance is concerned. Again, not intimidated by greatness in his female counterpart. Passionate, fierce, if a bit unforgiving.

Sirius Black (did I surprise you with this one? I was too old when I read Harry Potter to be crushing on little boys, but Sirius was a character I could fall in love with.): Fiercely protective of his family, a prankster in a former life, but older and wiser now. He was a safe bad boy to crush on at a time in my life when real bad boys could have been fatal (college).

Can you tell what kind of man I married?
Okay, that's enough confession from me. Your turn! Tell me, who do you love?


  1. Oh my goodness, Gilbert Blythe was my first book boy crush. He was everything crush worthy. Handsome, smart, funny and witty. He was strong enough to take Anne on and strong enough to admit when she got the upper hand. He was kind and self sacrificing without being obnoxious about it and, well, *sighs* I think I might still be crushing on him just a tiny bit.

  2. LOL @Rhonda. I am with you there. I think he was my first fiction love as well. Ahem, but obviously not my last. :)

  3. Oh, yes. I'm with you on loving Sirius Black, what a great character.

  4. Never was a fan of Mr. Darcy (too moody), but Mr. Knightley, now there's a guy who could always make my heart flutter.

    I also had a crush on Nancy Drew's boyfriend, Ned, though after all these years I can't remember why.

  5. I was so in love with Gilbert Blythe all the way through college. In fact, when roommates would come home from a date, the question was always if he was good enough to break a slate over! :)

  6. I think I have a slightly unhealthy love for book boys -- they rather spoil me for all boys, really. Both Gilbert Blythe and Mr. Darcy have been my fictional crushes for so long. :)

  7. Oh, Mr. Darcy is definitely a worthy one! I've got it bad for Finnick from The Hunger Games, and also Heathcliff. I know how that last one sounds, but to me, his behavior stems from being taught too late to stifle his emotions for the sake of propriety. Or maybe I'm just crazy.

  8. Jondalar from Jean M Auel's Earth Children. He was one stoneage hottie!


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