Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Mandy Hubbard knows I exist!

If you don't know who that is, go to your bookstore right now (any Barnes and Noble will do) and pick up a copy of Prada and Prejudice.

Instead of ruby slippers, Callie's red Prada pumps are the transportation device to another world: the year 1815 in London.

Great hook, huh? It's definitely a book we'll have to discuss on the blog in the near future. (Reminder: we're reading IF I STAY by Gayle Forman right now, to discuss and review next week.)

So how do I know Mandy Hubbard knows I exist?


My query was randomly chosen for her week-long query workshop at her blog: AUTHOR/AGENT MANDY HUBBARD: QUERY WORKSHOP DAY 3

Here's what she said about it:

So... overall? A very strong query. It's nicely personalized for me, introduces a character with a strong internal conflict, and showcases a plot in which there's plenty at stake. The word count and age range is right on target.

It might be a teeny bit brief-- perhaps we could get a little more of a sense of the character beyond his desire to be a do-gooder, but at the end of the day, this will probably still garner requests.

It's slightly more boy-oriented than I typically gravitate toward, but I would probably still request it to see if the voice would win me over to the dark side. :-)

I'm giddy right now.

Okay (moment over), back to writing.


  1. Okay I just went over to Mandy's blog and read your query and I LOVE IT! It's completely awesome, and will garner you many, many requests when you're ready to query.

    (and if you're looking for any beta readers, I'd love to offer my services!!)

  2. Thank you! I am pretty thrilled with the response. I sent you an email, btw.

  3. Too cool! I saw that query on her blog and thought something about it sounded familiar.

  4. Yeah! It's the coolest thing to happen to me so far. I hope the buzz from this lasts all the way until I get an offer of representation...however long that is. :-)

  5. I saw your query over at Mandy's blog this morning and thought it was awesome. So quirky and well written. Congrats! :)

  6. Thank you! I loved coming across your blog today, and am now a follower. Not only do we have similar taste in books, but you've got some serious drawing talent! Can't even express how jealous I am. Happy to meet you.

  7. Okay, this is totally adorable. :-) *feels like a rockstar*.

    I hope you send your manuscript over when it's ready! Include the query in the email to refresh my memory, but just go ahead and attach the full as a word doc. Looking forward to the read!


  8. You bet I will! And thank you for the encouragement! As you well know, writing can be lonely and difficult. And this was a timely boost to my morale.
    *sighs happily and skips back to her manuscript*

  9. Fabulous Katrina!!! I especially liked the wording of it will "still garner requests"!!! Too fun !!!!! Congrats!!!!


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