Monday, May 31, 2010

Fishing for, Feedback

I know there are people out there thirsty for a light-hearted supernatural good vs. evil story. Yes, yes I did just put "light-hearted" and "good vs. evil" in the same sentence. 

If you are in need of this type of quick escape, then I have good news for you:

I NEED BETAS! (No, not the fish) 

Hi, fishy!

I need beta readers: people I can experiment on with my fiction.
I promise it won't hurt.
The query can be found HERE.

If interested, please comment below. I'm hoping to get this manuscript ship-shape in as little time as possible. (Yes, I'm one of those writers: obsessive, driven, exhausted.)

As noted on the side of this blog, I am happy to return the favor for others.

*must like MG (middle grade)
*must like inexplicable powers, such as those wielded by superheros
*must have a very goofy sense of humor

I have no way of judging these things, so you'll just have to screen yourselves. I will accept anybody who is willing to read my unpublished goop. :-)

And if you'd like some pointers for how to give helpful feedback, I LOVED this article.

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  1. Thanks to absolute write forums for hooking me up with a few brilliant betas! And to lots of my facebook friends for answering the call! I'm excited for the feedback!


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