Friday, May 14, 2010

Doggerel: A poem about bad writing

I've written a thousand bad poems, and maybe a dozen real gems. Unfortunately, I can't find the good ones because I put them in the same place with the bad ones. They are lost.
Lost, lost, lost.

Here's a new one for you:


by Katrina Lantz

Show, don't tell,
Ms. Nelson said.
And then with ease
Will words be read.

Show, don't tell,
McDonnell chimed.
By now, I'm stumped.
"But why?" I mimed.

Show, don't tell,
The bloggers say.
But find your voice
And never stray.

Show, don't tell,
Editors cry.
And now I've stopped
My answering why's.

At last, it clicks.
I know the crux:
Show, don't tell
Means rambling sucks.


Oh, don't mention it. I'm always happy to provide you with a rhymey-slimy verse or two.
Got a 20-line poem to share? Do it in the comments below.

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