Tuesday, April 9, 2013

H is for Help (for writers)

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H is for Help.

No writer succeeds in a vacuum. No man is an island. Writers need help with their craft, in the form of expert advice, moral support, housekeeping...

While I can't help you with the housekeeping part, I'm happy to share many of the resources I've come across since beginning this earnest journey in 2010. 

I give you, my LINKS FOR WRITERS page. You're welcome. :)

In addition, I'd like to highlight a couple extremely helpful places that are near and dear to my heart:

Operation Awesome
What began as a couple critique partners getting together to blog and hold lit agent contests morphed into a treasure trove of writing tips, industry info, and fabulous book recommendations (not to mention the monthly pitch contest that has resulted in agent/client signings). You can find books by Operation Awesome bloggers in my sidebar to the right.

Miss Snark's First Victim
The originator of the Secret Agent contest, Authoress Anon runs this site (and another site with a forum for teen readers). She wrote Agent Demystified: Lifting the veil on the secret world of literary agents. She is the real deal, and her site is filled with lessons from contests. Here you can see what agents loved, endless examples of great writing from contest entrants.

Creepy Query Girl
Something about Katie Mills' blog is just addicting. Maybe is the adorableness or cleverness of her blog title and concept. It's definitely the honesty with which she approaches the writer's journey. I come here for commiseration, industry trends, discussion. Contrary to the title, Katie is not endlessly querying.

Elana Johnson
The author of the POSSESSION series and one of the co-founders of WriteOnCon, Elana has been a super-blogger from day 1. At her blog she shares tips for how to become a super-blogger, on social networking, and of course writing. I've learned so much from her, loved her books, and appreciated her comments occasionally on my blog. She taught us all to reach out and get involved with one another.

Mother. Write. (Repeat.)
Krista Van Dolzer features agent interviews, which is such a huge service to querying writers. I can't tell you how many queries I've written that referenced tidbits (about the agent) I learned in her interviews.

Shannon Messenger
Home of the Shannon-Style advice on everything from writing to revision to querying. Shannon is the author of middle grade KEEPER OF THE LOST CITIES and young adult LET THE SKY FALL. She is also a co-founder of WriteOnCon, an incredible resource for writers: a free online writing conference complete with contests, a forum, and lots and lots of ninja agents lurking and requesting the good stories.

Casey McCormick
Literary Rambles is the blog of Casey McCormick and Natalie Aguirre, and it's the home of Agent Spotlights, which are golden nuggets for querying writers. An Agent Spotlight isn't just an interview. No, it's SO much more than that. It's links to ALL the interviews an agent has ever given. It's lists of what an agent likes and what that agent hates. It's insights into their souls. Okay, maybe not that intense, but it's pretty dang thorough. Casey is also a co-founder of WriteOnCon and a literary agent intern.

I just finished reading PAS DE DEATH by Amanda Brice (review), a YA ballet murder mystery set in New York City. I just started reading ROTTEN by Michael Northrop, a YA novel with a troubled teen and a rottweiler.

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