Friday, August 10, 2012

Taking my own (writing) advice

For the last two years, I've been blogging with writers for writers. I end up dispensing a LOT of writing advice, much of it recycled, some of it through goofy metaphors I make up with my creative genius (an adorable, invisible owl named Oliver).

Would you look at that! He's not invisible!

Today, I'm taking some of my own advice:

  • Set a writing goal (big or small, your choice)
  • Tie it to a motivation (people you love, an audience you want to reach, recognition in publishing)
  • Get excited about it!!!

Here I go:
  • Ambition: Get my middle grade superhero story publishing-ready through rereading, editing, and seeking professional advice. Do it by next spring.
  • Motivation: The pleasure of seeing my soon-to-be-six-year-old's face when I show him the finished product and tell him Mommy wrote it just for him. Add to this the bonus of reading it aloud with him when we're done with all his 1st grade read-alouds (Charlotte's Web, Detectives in Togas, Homer Price).
  • Enthusiasm: Hanging out at WriteOnCon next week with other ambitious, motivated, enthusiastic writers. I'll also garner enthusiasm this fall and winter as I watch FOUR of my six critique partners achieve their publication goals with DEADWOOD, TREASURED LIES, THE EMISSARY, and AMAROK. Go Operation Awesome ladies!!!! Woooot! Oliver is SO proud! <-- check it out, the enthusiasm is already building!


  1. Oooh, this was a post I needed to read today! <3

    Ambition: FORGET MY LATEST REVISION - it is out there in the world, nothing I can do about it, I'm just going to drive myself insane worrying about it - and focus on my WIP this weekend. I just have to work out the kinks in one tricky scene, and then I'll be able to coast to the end of Chapter Six and get to one of the big reveals.

    Motivation: In the long run - the ability to answer confidently if I get that oh-so-wonderful "So what else are you working on?" question. And in the short run - the ability to take a nice breather tomorrow and hit up the arts market near my neighborhood. I am in desperate need of retail therapy!

    Enthusiasm: I will also be hitting up WriteOnCon next week with my critiquing pen and cheerleading pompoms at the ready, and I can't wait to get excited about everyone's manuscripts!

  2. Wooot! Go Becky! You're on fire! (And good luck with the work you have out there in the world.) Can't wait to celebrate your success!


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