Monday, February 21, 2011

NINE Winners and SUPERNATURALLY Cover Love!

It's MONDAY and I'm happy! Operation Awesome had over 100 entries in the Follower Love Month: Agent Query Critique CONTEST!!! We were overwhelmed with the awesomeness as you guys spread the word on twitter, facebook, and writing forums all over the web.

Nine lucky entrants won query or page critiques, two from our incredible participating agents, Natalie Fischer and Josh Getzler. These are two of the nicest agents with whom I've had the pleasure to correspond.  

And the winners are... over here!

The query I get to read is for YA Paranormal! I'm very excited about that, as that happens to be my favorite genre in the world.

And on to the COVER LOVE portion of today!

Have you seen this?

Life's never fair when faeries are involved.  Add it on GOODREADS

Stole my breath when I saw it on Kiersten White's super fun blog! Sigh. August 30th, you can't come fast enough!

It's the sequel to this...
So much for normal.

...which was hands down the most fun read of 2010!

If you haven't read it yet, run to your nearest indie or snatch it up on Actually, you can pre-order the sequel now, too!!

How are you all doing with your writing? Are the words flowing or are you plodding along like me?

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