Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Follower Love Month!

Oh, and, umm, Happy Valentine's Day, too. ;)

Operation Awesome is celebrating 300 followers! It's quite a bit over that now, but hey, it takes time to organize a contest with AGENT QUERY CRITIQUES! Huge thank you to Natalie Fischer of Bradford Lit and Josh Getzler of Russell & Volkening, who both offered up a query critique as a prize. Add in the Operation Awesome ladies' contributions and we have nine prizes to give out! Skip over there to enter in the comments. (all links in this paragraph direct you to the contest post)

Since the prizes include query critiques, here's a little helper to get that query in shape. Most of you are way past needing this primer, so just skip straight to the bottom of the article and click the link to Elana Johnson's awesomely free e-book, From the Query to the Call!

And while I've got your attention... hee hee...

Don't forget to join Amparo for The Fake Boyfriend/Girlfriend BlogfestFebruary 15th is Official Fake Boyfriend/Girlfriend Day, so get over there and sign up today!

p.s. I hit 53K on my WIP last night! What's your progress?


  1. Thank you, Angela! Back atcha! May tiny floating hearts sparkle around your head.

  2. Yay for Operation awesome, awesome. LOL.
    Happy Valentine's day *hugs*

  3. 300 Followers--congrats, Operation Awesome! :D

    Happy Valentine's Day!

  4. Thanks. I'm heading over to Operation Awesome!

  5. Thanks for the links to a great contest.

  6. Yay for Operation Awesome! :)

    And HAPPY Valentine's Day!



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