Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Creations! Another Fun Blogfest :)

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Summer Ross is hosting a fun and easy blogfest today. I found out about it from the awesome Amparo Ortiz.

Post one last sentence from a 2010 story you wrote. Post one first sentence from a new project this year.

Join the fun here.

My last sentence is from a new age/science fiction novel: 

“What do you know?” he whispered so that only I could hear, though Tracy stood just two feet away. “We can create our own reality.”

My first sentence is from a YA urban fantasy:

Grandma had lightning white hair and eyes so dark they surrounded me like a thunderstorm when she stared my way.

See the other entries here. 
 Can't wait to read yours!


  1. Wonderful sentences. The first one reminds me of the movie inception. the second one- i love the eyes...sounds very interesting.

  2. Gah! Summer, don't say that. Inception is the movie that my husband said was just like my book, pretty much crushing my hopes that my book will ever succeed. I promise I wrote my book first. :)

    Thank you for the compliments and the blogfest! It's been fun!

  3. That ending sentence is interesting, and if you say it's like Inception, the story could be intriguing. Though I didn't care for the movie all that much.

    And the opening sentence? Beautiful use of language!

  4. Those are both awesome! Well done Katrina.

  5. Inception is one of my fave movies ever, so I'm sure I'll love your manuscript, Katrina! Oh, and anything with dreams? I'm there.

    Thanks for sharing!

  6. Hi,

    1) Nice ending in intimate banter.

    2) Ah, soo remember that look: great opening! ;)


  7. I'm with Amparo. I loved Inception, so I know i'll love your MS even more.

  8. Lovely sentences...the first a realisation after an epic adventure by the sound of it and the second....I like Grandma!

  9. Both brilliant sentences. I'm intrigued!

  10. Hi

    I've come over from Summer's blogfest!

    Your last sentence - conspiring right to the very end - wonderful!

    Your first sentence - Grandma sounds awesome and scary!!

    Take care

  11. I'd definitely be interested to see more of grannie.

  12. I like the beginning sentence! (It's easier to pull someone in with a beginning than a disconnected ending, I think.) Want to read more about this Grandma.

    I was late joining in on this blogfest, but I'd love to know what you think of my sentences.

  13. Your second sentence is fab. Good characterization.


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