Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Blog Award, A Blog Banner Contest, and Chin Dimples

Yep, I'm trying to do it all today.


Huge thanks to the lovely Angela Felsted for passing along the...

In keeping with the spirit of the rules, here are seven things you didn't know about me:

1) My astrological sign is Cancer

2) I was born in the year of the pig

3) Both of my sons were blessed with the amazingly adorable chin dimple (Hollywood, here they come)

4) I've been in a plane crash, but never a car crash

5) My circulation is so bad, I get cold if the temp drops below 74

6) The moon makes me smile every time

7) My favorite color is not orange. It's yellow, but I do love the way they go together on my blog.

I'm supposed to pass this along to FIFTEEN people, which is a great way to spread the love, so I'll see what I can do:

Umm, I'm sorry. I got distracted after FIVE by Beth Revis and her book launch party!! Holy delicious book website! Happy Birthday, AtU!

Did you buy ACROSS THE UNIVERSE YET? My copy is sitting by my bed, just where it should be. 


Kristal Shaff of Operation Awesome is sharing her amazing talents with all our awesome readers. Head over to see samples of her work (umm, or just look at my beautiful blog banner above. That's her craftsmanship, too). Good luck! I hope you win your own specially designed blog banner!

Now for my mini-blog post:

Check this out! "To Boldly Go: What Made 400 People Volunteer for a One-Way Mission to Mars?"

Just got my copy of a book about colonizing a distant planet, and then I read this. Fun coincidences.  It's crazy how close modern technology is to achieving the stuff of decades of science fiction! It kind of makes writing sci-fi daunting. What hasn't been done?

Beth Revis mentions drawing inspiration for some of her tech from her iPod. If you write sci-fi, or even fantasy cross-over with science fiction elements, how do you make now-old ideas fresh? From where do you draw your inspiration? (I get mine from old science fiction and new "scientific breakthroughs.")

Update: Okay, my husband expressed concern that my readers might think my kids are spawn of Edward and Jacob. To prevent this and give credit where it's due for the awesome chin dimples, I'm posting a picture of my hunky husband:


  1. That's a really cute picture of you two!

    And yes, your children should probably look more like your husband...but if they DID look like Jacob and Edward there are far worse fates to be had for young men. I'm just saying.

  2. Wait you're Jacob and Edward's mom!?! Just kidding. I would have stopped after thinking of Beth too, she rules.

    Thanks for the shout out!

  3. You are so right, Tracy. Far worse fates! :) Thanks for the compliment!

    Matthew, don't mention it! I love your blog. Of course, all my blog buddies probably already know about your awesomeness, but just in case...

  4. Congratulations on the award!

    That's a great picture. :)

  5. you've been in a plane CRASH???!!!! Did I read that right. How frightening!

    Thnkx for the award. I'll put it up on my blog in the next couple of days.

  6. T.G.E., thank you! I loved your blog post today about Teaser Tuesday (even though it made me just a twinge guilty about not having read The Maze Runner yet). :)

    Christy, yes. I was in a smaller plane that crash-landed in a field (and thankfully missed those phone power lines) when I was two years old. It was traumatic enough that I remembered it in dreams, but otherwise I was probably the least affected of my siblings. And you totally deserved the award. I love the stuff you do for the writing community on your blog.

  7. Awe! You guys are so cute together!! Congrats on your most deserved award!!! AND THANK YOU for passing it on to me!! EEP!!!

    But also: A PLANE CRASH!?!?!

  8. Thanks, Colene! You deserve it, too. You got style. :)

  9. What a busy blog you had today. The science is moving forward so fast. iphones are more advanced than anything on the original trek.

  10. Loved the blog, love the whole thing, had to giggle at Bill, I heard his voice as I read his remark - and a valid point too, of course.

    Of the three men pictured, he has the better chin-dimple.

  11. Susan, you're so right. Isn't it crazy?! When I was a kid, I thought Star Trek was the epitome of imagination. And it was pretty awesome. But technology now... just WOW.

    Hey Wren! I'll tell Bill you said so. (I totally agree with you on the chin dimple thing.)


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