Tuesday, January 29, 2013

99cents for RaShelle Workman's trilogy EXILED!

First of all, if you haven't met four of our new bloggers at Operation Awesome, head on over there and say hi to Angelica, Becky, Max, and Abby!

Now I have something else awesome to share:

RaShelle Workman's EXILED trilogy is available for 99cents on amazon kindle!

You're welcome. And if you ever see a deal like this, let me know, too. I'm all about the ebooks right now as it makes it easier for me to squeeze reading in while nursing or lying in bed at night without waking people with paper sounds. :)

Tomorrow at Operation Awesome, we'll run the last half of our MYSTERY BLOGGER critique contest! So head over there Wednesday, Jan. 30th, to guess which fun facts are lies and enter for a chance to win a critique. 

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