Monday, August 1, 2011

Mystery Agent Contest for August

Mystery Agent contest is going on RIGHT NOW over here. CONTEST NOW CLOSED.
If you have a completed novel in one of the listed genres, our agent would love to see your one-line pitch. Entry limit 50, so don't hesitate. :)

SUCCESS STORY: Max Gladstone's THREE PARTS DEAD which won Weronika's undivided attention in the December 2010 Mystery Agent contest at Operation Awesome, has been sold to TOR! Story here.

Shallee McArthur reviewed TRUE SPIRIT by Jessica Watson, a true narrative of a girl's solo sailing trip around the world. It sounds uh-MAY-zing! 

What are you up to this fine Monday morning? (Pacific time, it's still morning.) :)


  1. You guys are awesome to keep doing these contests. Such great opportunities! And congrats to Max! Very cool. :)

  2. Thank you, Janet! As long as there are still agents looking for great writers, we'll keep doing them. It's fun for us and seriously amazing when we get to see agents and authors hook up to bring great books to light. Like Max's. :) Weronika Janczuk is a fabulous agent, btw, if you're shopping. Tons of experience in the biz and she's super nice.

  3. Very cool! I am going to go tweet!

  4. Thanks, Lisa! There are two spots left, by my count! We need them filled!

  5. Drat. Take one real life day to move a house, and see what I miss? Maybe next time.

  6. I know! Sorry, David! But September 1st and October 1st are already lined up, so keep that pitch ready! There will be more M.A. contests!


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