Monday, November 1, 2010

Enter the Mystery Agent one-line pitch Contest at Operation Awesome

September 2010 rocked my socks off. The Operation Awesome blog launched with the generous help of a fabulous literary agent who read FIFTY one-line pitches and chose ONE happy winner to send her FULL MANUSCRIPT. A few others were given notable mention, and one well-prepared author even got offered representation

All of this was amazing! 

October 2010 flew by in a flurry of fun contestswriting challenges, and timely chats

Then, Operation Awesome got lucky again...

We found another incredible agent generous enough to read FIFTY one-line pitches.

This month's M.A. reps MG/YA and is building her adult fiction list. 

Enter the contest now

And, in case you haven't noticed (hee hee), the Operation Awesome owl now has an adorable name to match his person:

Thanks for voting, everybody!


  1. Sooo pumped for this one!!! I just get the feeling that we're helping people achieve their dreams.

    Okay. Enough with the corny. :D

    Best of luck with NaNo!!

  2. Argh! MG/YA!?!?!?! The pressure is ON! ;)

  3. Yay, Amparo! Good luck with school stuff! You're awesome!

    Jessica, it's so cool, huh? I love being able to admit entries from such a wide array of genres. If you're going to enter, do so soon! We're almost to twenty entries and I just posted this an hour ago. :D *gets all giddy and has to step away from the keyboard*

  4. Yay for Oliver! OA is so cool.


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