Monday, July 12, 2010

Unrealistic Goals

Well, my birthday came and went without an offer of agently representation. Time to set another beyond-my-actual-control goal:


These little goals (nab an agent by my 27th birthday) may seem arbitrary and unrealistic, but it's little markers like this that keep me moving forward. Not a New Year's Day goes by without my writing/publishing goals inked solidly onto printer paper in my neatest (still messy) hand. The writing ones are all met. The publishing ones, not so much. And while this type of goal-setting can drive you to quit if you set your expectations too firmly, I believe there's value in them, if only for the daily affirmation they require.

Artists, almost by definition, are unrealistic goal-setters. If we weren't, we wouldn't be trying to make a living or leave our mark through art. We'd be doing something a lot more practical, like growing potatoes.

But art is our calling, or so we believe, and so we write--or paint, or sing, or whatever. Besides that, we feel it's worthwhile. As unrealistic as some people may believe our goals to be, we know for us they are necessary. What would the world be like if Robert Frost believed poetry was a waste of his time? Or if Judy Garland or Julie Andrews thought singing and acting were for pitiful dreamers.

Which crazy dreamers inspire you?

Feel free to share your unrealistic goals in the comments. Nobody here will laugh (or they will be BALEETED!).


  1. Happy birthday! You are almost the same age as my youngest child. NOW I feel old :-)

    Good luck on your agent search. I hope to be starting the same journey around Christmas time.

  2. Being old is okay with me. I'm getting closer every day! :-) Not achieving goals is harder. But that's why it's important not to give up EVER.

    Good luck with your querying! Enjoy the roller-coaster ride!

  3. Happy Birthday! And great thoughts on goals.

    Walt Disney inspires me. Nothing was impossible to him.


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