Monday, May 24, 2010

WINGS by Aprilynne Pike: my review

As promised, I am here to discuss Aprilynne Pike's fabulous debut novel, WINGS! By the way, the long-awaited sequel, SPELLS, is available from Amazon, here.

As for the first book, WINGS: I bought this book the second I saw that it was recommended by Stephenie Meyer. If you click on Ms. Pike's name above, you can read on her blog about her journey to publication. She actually got a personal referral to agent Jodi Reamer via the famed Twilight Saga authoress. But things weren't all roses and daisies on her path to publication. It's a very fascinating story that aspiring authors and readers alike will enjoy.

Now on to my review of WINGS! Let's use a point system I just made up. Five points for anything I particularly liked. Ah, heck, why not 10?

  • 10 Points for a M.C. who homeschools, and loves it.
  • 10 Points for a very sweet boyfriend-type.
  • 10 Points for a hot, passionate boyfriend-type who creates a love triangle for Laurel.
  • 10 Points--no, has to be 50 Points--for completely original story premise and plot. Even reviews and descriptions read before the book did not give away the startling twist of who the protagonist really is.
  • 10 Points for vivid descriptions of the bad guys that made me cringe...yes, actually cringe.
  • 10 Points for creating high stakes and the question of survival, not only for the protagonist, but also for people she loves.
Well, that's 100 Points, so I should stop.

I'll just add that Aprilynne Pike really pulled me into her world by the end of the novel, so much that I was thinking about it long after I closed the back cover over the sneak peek of the sequel. If I hadn't broken my bank buying The Red Pyramid and a slew of other best-sellers at Barnes and Noble, I'd probably be out picking up SPELLS right now. As it is, I must force myself to wait.

If you have read either book, please feel free to join my monologue in the comments below! (No spoilers, please. Some of us haven't read SPELLS yet.)

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